Shocking details of Prof. Valery Fabrikant case.

As many others, I believed for years that Valery Fabrikant’s explanation for shootings in Concordia University, namely, that he felt his life was threatened, may not be true.

However, I now have discovered a document written in 1994 by his former graduate student, Dr. E. N. Karapetian, giving a number of dirty and shocking details of what really took place, the details previously unknown to me and to the public at large. Among the details: Before the shootings, Fabrikant tried to assert his authorship of some scientific articles in a civil suit, and, strangely, he was criminally charged with the contempt of court that was found… in his university e-mails. That was followed by the threats that “anything can happen in jail” to him if he is convicted of the contempt of court.

We certainly know (see Prof. Arthurs Report) that Fabrikant was right in his accusations against Concordia. And now, it appears that he also had very good reason to be afraid that the professors were planning to kill him. (I have a number of other reports and comments on Fabrikant case that are no longer on the Internet. If you wish to see them, please, ask me.)

The letter of Karapetian contains evidence partly given by Fabrikant and partly by Karapetian.

This letter reveals, quite correctly, the psychology of a honest and reasonable man provoked beyond human endurance, in a state of utter despair intentionally induced by criminals.

The letter was copied on several sites on the Internet. Apparently, the real criminals  are erasing the record of evidence: I cannot find it now. Read this letter:

It now appears that, indeed, some figures in Canadian universities operate as a criminal organization. For the corrupt Canadian academia Fabrikant case was not enough; the criminals were not punished, and, subsequently, my case was taken as the next opportunity to show their unlimited criminal power. They continue operating with the full support of the Government and are never touched by the media.

10 thoughts on “Shocking details of Prof. Valery Fabrikant case.

  1. Sadly, I reached the same conclusion about what happened, and that perhaps in Valery’s case, the words (old English) of Shakespeare’s Hamlet ring true:

    ” To be, or not to be, that is the Question:
    Whether ’tis Nobler in the minde to suffer
    The Slings and Arrowes of outragious Fortune,
    Or to take Armes against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them…”

    I hope he continues to produce new research and take comfort in the belief, and I think he does, that his actions were justified.


    A biologist at Yale

  2. Narcissisim can not excuse the fact than this person KILL FOUR persons for his own recognition nobody desserve to die because the ”planet” do not want to adapt to you. A responsible person, part of a societe, act accordingly. Should we even think of killing somebody simply because they deceived us, and don’t worry, no criminal in prison will ever think of taking the chances of having more consequences with the penal system for such an ”a…h…” he is not worth the ”time” he is of no more importance than the trash bin at the dorway of the prison cafeteria.

  3. One of the professors murdered was a close personal friend and mentor, Dr. M. Douglass. Valery Fabricant’s actions were not justified and his life’s work in research could not match one year’s contribution of Dr. Douglass to either the university or the engineering profession. Valery Fabricant is simply a criminal.

  4. I would like to see other reports, comments, claims, etc relating to Professor Vabrikant’s case.
    Thank you for your time

  5. The physics labs run by computer there were never corrected as the data was mis-entered in 1974. I confronted prof. Shin (masters) about it and asked seeing as he was a programming teacher why it was never rectified by him as he was the dept’s lab director and that I was not able to get the correct answers and was penalized due to the marking system which penalizes wrong answers with marks removed and he wouldn’t tell me them due to a racial conflict I was having with the administration: they’re Zionists and I am ethnically German. He told me to leave the school and go back out west where I had been working for 6 years due to necessity. I told him my girlfriend of 9 years wanted to return to take care of her parents and that I am responsible for my mother. He told me to simply dump my girlfriend and get lost. I stated that it was unfair that grades had inflated massively since when I had gone there and returned for a few labs with manhy A’s and B’s which used to be d’s and f’s. Could it have anything to do with the performance ontract that Concordia signed with the Quebec gov’t whereby 53 million $ or so would be given to Concordia university inc. if they raised their graduation rate to 80 %. I left that day being 4 credits short of a degree as I was too angry and was clearly being manipulated by this ‘professor’ into being arrested if I was to respond as was expected. I am still with the woman and now it is 20 years together. I had the grades for engineering and ultimately taught myself what I needed to know but of course lack the credentials. Concordia university inc engages in social engineering and restricts access to programs the Zionist administration wants to get revenge against. it is a corrupted entity and the senior administration is corrupted beyond the pale.

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