Governmental fraud at all levels and everywhere.

Just in the last week:

The Ontario Lottery – a fraud, known for years.

Fraud and cover-up at the top of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Known for years.


RCMP (fraud and corruption division) also covered up the fraud in my case. Responding to my complaint, RCMP refused to investigate the fraud at the University of Toronto, giving completely fraudulent reasons:
1) Instead of investigating the evidence, they stated that, generally speaking, it is difficult to prove whose research it was. The documents they received from me (including two letters from the professors-experts one of whom was President of Canadian Genetics Society), however, proved without any doubt that the research was mine and that it was plagiarized by my supervisor.
2) RCMP also lied that it had no jurisdiction to investigate the fraud; no explanation or any reference to the law was given.

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