“Research misconduct? What misconduct?”

The title above is not mine. This is the title of the next editorial in Can.Med.Ass.J. (March 27, 2007):

The editorial was written by Wayne Kondro (who wrote the previous piece) and by Dr. Paul Hébert, recently named as CMAJ Editor-in-chief.

They are asking this question:
“Why has Canada lagged so far behind its Western counterparts in establishing comprehensive mechanisms and processes to deal with scientific misconduct?”

One of the possible answers they give, is this:
“The mistaken notion that secrecy is in the best interest of all concerned because it shields institutions and individuals from having their reputations tarnished?”

So, they did not publish my letter, they are participating in the conspiracy of silence, and, they have the temerity to ask: May be we should blame the secrecy?

Very interestingly, in the last part of the editorial, they say: “Let’s not wait for the next scandal.”
Well, of course, everybody, including the staff of CMAJ, is waiting for the next scandal, more precisely, for the results of the bloody provocation.

Is it an absolute dishonesty?

Is it an absolute dishonesty fortified by bribes?

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