Canadian Organic

The population is completely idiotized. So, the definition of Canadian organic food has now emerged in this way: It must contain 95% of organic ingredients. Idiots will never understand that “Canadian Organic” potato can now be made with 95% of potato and 5% of some DDT analogue or any other poison. Theoretically speaking, the “Canadian Organic” label will probably not be put on sugar with 5% of cyanide, but everything else is OK. No, I am not kidding you, PRACTICALLY ALL additives, hormones, preservatives, herbicides, insecticides and the silicon (used to make pizza cheese wonderfully smooth) ARE used by food producers in concentrations far less than now allowed 5%, although I am not completely sure about silicone, it might be in 50%. The “Canadian Organic” product-fraud will contain sulfite, benzoate, and ALL herbicides and insecticides to beat the previous records of shelf life, to bring it to 10 years, to 20 years!

Congratulations, government lawyers! Congratulations to Canadian food leadership for the smart new initiative! Congratulations to idiots whose life-long commitment made the Change possible!


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