The latest fraud of NSERC

Believe it or not, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada is the most respected criminal organisation in Canada. A couple of weeks ago, NSERC has committed a monstrous, truly monstrous, falsification of law.

I sent to the Panel on Responsible Conduct of Research (it now belongs to Tri-Agency, but still a fraud) my “Allegations of Extreme Breaches of Policy by the University of Toronto” and they replied that NSERC had already “ADDRESSED” them in 1996 and 2003. They had the temerity not even to mention ANY of my 20 allegations (it’s a wholesale fraud). They referred to the 1996 and 2003 NSERC short letters (6 lines in one letter and 14 lines in another), where NOT A SINGLE of my past similar allegations was also mentioned. But, they say – the allegations were already “ADDRESSED”. How they were “ADDRESSED”? They were never mentioned!

This is all described, with the documents, at

NSERC is the only judge considering complaints against universities (fraud, plagiarism, falsification of research data, etc.) in this country. Several times, various people advocated creation of independent agency to do the job. And every time, NSERC managed to kill any proposal for another judge in Canada; NSERC remains the only judge and a corrupt one.

This latest fraud should put an end to NSERC!

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