Adam Lanza and the Justice based on DNA

The stories appeared in Daily Mail and Yahoo News telling that the DNA of Adam Lanza who is blamed in mass shooting in Connecticut school, will be analysed for the presence of some, yet unknown, gene responsible for violence. You cannot stop science and, on the other side, you cannot stop the attempts to discover new methods to fight crime.

The new methods will mean taking into account the considerations that so far were forbidden. From times immemorial, justice was supposed to be blind to the identity of the persons on trial. But the world is “progressing”: they say now that the difference between good people and bad people, criminals and innocents, doers and crooks, can be determined a priory. Such are the requirements of social justice. Activists in social sciences, universities, governments and courts have already contributed a great deal to the practice of justice, but somehow, their contributions remain seen, in every case, as a transparent fraud. Wider possibilities will appear when hard science is used.

The dead Lanza shall make the start here. DNAs will be (ethically) analysed for the presence of genes prompting shooting, undesirable attitudes, fraud and… you name it. Having hard data, the social justice will be able to form hard decisions.


1. All characters having similar to George Madoff’s set of evidence, or Ellen Larsen’s set of evidence, if found to have the gene of fraud, will be found NOT GUILTY since a person cannot be held responsible for having a gene. The list of such characters can extend to millions even if limited to one genetic group.

2. Those who long ago were accused of being Hitlers, such as Saddam Hussein, Milosevich and others, by genetic analysis, will be confirmed to be Hitlers, resulting in complete exoneration of their killers.

3. Children killed in drone attacks and by other means throughout the Moslem world, will be carefully examined for the presence of the terrorist gene.

4. Females accused of killing their children or husbands, or both, will be analysed for the presence of a gene linked to otherwise unexplained (by social science) violence; a gene that can be expressed at one time, but not expressed in another time. There is an assured humanistic potential for this research on the DNA level, since it already is being conducted on a lower level of science.

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