Canada, its Universities, Intellectuals and Scoundrels

I stumbled upon a letter, a long one, written by V. Fabrikant. It’s on the web site of Dr. Julian Hermida, Associate Professor of Law, Algoma University:

I found no place on the large web site of Dr. Hermida, referring to this letter. The letter, however, is of paramount importance to anyone who wants to understand Canada, its universities, its intellectuals and scoundrels. I could not read all of this letter describing how he was persecuted and provoked to violence: too much for my nerves. But I had the same experiences or very similar ones. The difference in my experience was that I had it mostly in letters and at the time when I was already not in the university (the prostitute of science removed me before she stole my PhD research and before the persecution and provocation started).

My reaction was also different, partly because I had only minimal contact with the scoundrels and partly because of my innate instinct telling me to immediately depart and remove myself when facing a scoundrel. V. Fabrikant was in a different situation, he could not escape…

The marihuana, counterculture, the celebration of all sorts of deviations and perversions, the fraudulent claims of special “rights” arising from historic discrimination, all that filthy and self-serving movement of the 60’s, could not have produced anything but new generations of scoundrels sitting in academia and in the government, all – “intellectuals” with the claims to uniqueness, exclusivity and superiority, in fact – each with unbelievable envy to the success of the real doers, and all – having among their highest pleasures an act of “smart” cruelty, proving, of course, one’s intellectual superiority.

The Canada’s scoundrel has the right to make administrative decisions and discretionary decisions deeply affecting someone’s life. He is also playing on the psychology of the man who, for a long period, has no choice but to belive that an official should be impartial and honest.

The methods used are the traditional methods of Canadian institutions: degrading the man, isolating the man from the society and all possible support, suppressing public reporting of the events, blatantly falsifying the law and the procedure of the law and blatantly and sadistically derailing the process of justice and repeatedly provoking the innocent man to act irrationally. The administration forms a united front. The man has no idea of the scale of the conspiracy and he is trying his best writing his… appeals. He has no idea that his appeals can with the same success be made to the Heavens. On the Earth, some are bribed, the others just want to keep their jobs. The man is actually made an idiot – he continues calling the scoundrels professors, presidents, etc. He, idiot, thinks that if he goes to a still higher authority, some authority, finally, will say: Enough! It never happens, you are in Canada. All administration is one entity, they would not overthrow the decision of “one of their own”.

With V. Fabrikant it was all very simple – he was isolated and provoked beyond human endurance. When scoundrels won, when they reached their goal (the man was provoked and was now guilty), Canada did not stop. CBC made a movie that parodied the figure of V. Fabricant, parodied his Russian accent, and concocted the story that he shot four people because he was denied tenure in Concordia University! Canada’s television had completely and finally exonerated the real criminals – the administration who, I have no doubt whatsoever, directed the persecution and the provocation.

Canada did not ask the only relevant and the only warranted by the law question:
What was the moving force and the reason behind denying, in two administrative investigations, V. Fabrikant’s legitimate (and later proved) allegations of corruption in the university? Was the administration bribed?

I return to V. Fabrikant’s agonising story, now myself given one more letter from the Canadian Government pursuing the same goal that was pursued for almost three decades by the University of Toronto – the goal of provocation. This is now the third letter from NSERC refusing to investigate my allegations of fraud, but now also, openly lying that my allegations were “addressed” in their two previous letters:

I repeat, it is important to understand the “work” that is being done in Canada again and again. From Chinese immigrants to residential schools, to orphanages, to hockey teams, to universities, Canada makes innocent men sick, kills them in one place or another.

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