Layers of Corruption. 1. Jewish Support for the Jewish Crime

In some other place, the man could have been a fine jewish lawyer. In Canada, the country where the prime minister has practically ordered citizens to support jewish criminals, the man is merely a jewish crook. I am talking about Michael Silver, the founder of the Alternative Dispute Resolution office in Toronto. The court ordered that my case against University of Toronto be heard in that ADR office. Here is the story.

My former PhD supervisor comes practically hanging on the hands of her lawyer. That’s another “overdose”. She keeps a rug under her nose. This is not a flu. I know, in the lab she used to say: “O, Michael, this is not contagious.” Stupid me, I should have left ADR office immediately, but I stayed, did not want to embarrass…, didn’t look at her. Now comes the judge. He does not take a seat, but says: “I am in conflict of interest. A lawyer who knows the case will come soon.” Comes Michael Silver and asks for the depositions from both sides. Her lawyer is mumbling something about the pressure in the university, pressure to publish papers, “publish or perish” formula. So, of course, she stole my research…

Michael Silver puts the parties in separate rooms and himself negotiating. Suddenly, he asks me: “Are you jewish?”. (A relevant question?) Well, I answer: “I am jewish by birth, but I am a Christian by Faith”. A pause. Michael Silver then says: “You will never get your research back“. That’s the end of the ADR for me, for two reasons.

Times now are slowly changing. You now see people, jews, who are breaking with the cult, obviously want to have a human face after all. They do not want to support criminals. They speak out, denounce “zionism”. In this country, only a handful broke with the cult. One has to become a dissident and likely to loose the job if one wants to have a human face. I personally have not seen one who dared.

At every step in my fight against the fraud I encountered an official who openly supported the crime, moreover – blamed me for something. Not everyone was so blunt as Michael Silver, and, so, they invented “justifications” for the obvious fraud.

The first justification is that I had no right to refuse signing the manuscript that actually made my parasite supervisor a co-author of my research. The second justification is that she did not steal my research but only “salvaged” it. The third is that I was receiving the best scholarship in Canada. None of these justifications was ever elaborated… And this is where the matter stands now.

The criminal, thief, parasite and impostor went to the full professorship. The new Head of the Department looked at my web page and apparently only benefited for not stopping the criminal.


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