The criminals are very angry with my web site.

On January 8, 2015, I noticed a number of visitors coming to my site from In three days there were over 400 visitors. Someone made an entry “A chilling account of how an UofT PhD student had his work stolen by his supervisor” and gave a link to my site. Three comments followed from “eeeeeeekamouse” that put the matter in this way: the guy (that is me) is “racist” and “sexist” and he should not be believed by anybody. I also posted my comment. The comments can be seen at

However, a few days later the name of the poster – “eeeeeeekamouse” was removed and replaced by “[deleted]”. Here is how it looked before:

Initially, I thought that these comments were written by the U of T administration, but the removal of the name makes me think that the author can be Larsen herself. Every time she is trying to deny her fraud, she covers herself with more shit and then trying to hide it.

The “eeeeeeekamouse” is denying the fraud and lying about everything. He (or she) does not refer to any documents, but giving long quotations from my web site reflecting my politically incorrect views, especially ones related to jews. How does it help to deny the fraud?

Amazingly, “eeeeeeekamouse” says that “letters of reference for NSERC awards” that were given to me, mean nothing because “everyone knows that all reference letters are overhyped BS.” (Most of the letters were written by Larsen.) Aha, the university made a “mistake” giving the awards to someone who now is suing them for fraud. The angry criminals are now trying to correct their “mistake”. What a scum!

All I said about the conspiracy in the university is absolutely true, for example, these very clear words:

“Jews, communists, “lesbians”, feminists and marihuana addicts, all, unfortunately for me, had a representation in the figure of Professor Larsen, and saw their special interest in saving her. They acted as a mob. The cunning professor-criminal used political corruption in this society to stay out of jail.”

This is the actual corrupt political situation now, where so-called “groups” gang up to defend “one of their own” when he or she commits crime. In addition to the groups mentioned above, the groups who will protect “one of their own” include doctors, police, university professors, etc. The victims of this activity are intimidated and are totally helpless. There are no whistleblowers and no laws defending individual citizens.

The current wave of the victims will be the school children of Ontario perverted by “lesbians”. Steve Paikin (TVOntario) recently spoke of some mysterious “fear” spreading in the Ontario school boards, but missed to say what actually is the issue. (Was he afraid to appear “sexist”?) One single word, however, was uttered by his guest, the issue appears to be “gender”. Yet, he, surprisingly, revealed that the “feared” group has the support of the “province” (read – the “lesbian” Premier of Ontario?). Too late, Steve! You cannot beat the “gender” gang, unless you, as a journalist should, tell the whole truth.

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