CBC Doc Zone, psychopathic manipulators

A couple of days ago I watched, for about half an hour, the DOC Zone program about psychopaths in high positions. There were no DOCs, only a psychopathic, and psychopathically delivered, indoctrination. Psychopaths were all males, the examples of their victims were females. Nothing documented.

The main relevant point, that Canada is ruled by criminals, probably – psychopaths, animals who break the law and are protected by the rules, regulations and procedure and never go to jail for their crimes, was missing. That the top administrative positions are occupied by those who routinely, quite consciously and sadistically commit administrative crimes destroying the lives of the citizens, that was missing. The fact that some of these crimes are perfectly documented, and that these documents are not shown to the public because the press and the television protect the psychopathic criminals and their unlimited power, was, understandably, not mentioned.

So, the presentation was just another vagina monologue based on the largest ever brewed and the most psychopathic of all conspiracy theory saying that men are conspiring against women and preventing them from becoming great scientists, architects, painters and saviours of humanity.

Such blatant political fraud is not surprising: there is no mass media that would challenge the monopoly of talented jews and their attack dogs, the “lesbians”, on shaping public opinion. The producers are also protected by the laws that can put in jail any private political opponent; such court cases are rare but the punishment is publicised and is quite persuasive.

Conversely, the charges against a real canadian psychopathic criminal cannot be even laid when the criminal belongs to the politically protected elite. Neither the mass media will talk about any facts clashing with the political directives. The CBC four times refused even to look at the documents presented by me. The secret was: they learned (not from me) that the psychopathic criminal, actually a prostitute of science who removed me from the university and stole my research, was a jewish woman with the politically protected sexual orientation.

Of a dozen people who protected her in the university and in the Government (the head of the department, the dean, the university president, presidents of two governmental ministries, etc.), some ten were jews. Lastly, the chief governmental investigator who committed a fraud covering up the crimes of this prostitute of science, was a jewish female pervert in her office of seven other females. It finally came to the ridiculous: the decision makers must now have a politically certified body. Nobody else can be trusted. And what a job they are doing!


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