The fellow Yid problem

Just two weeks after I noted (my previous post) that a string of jewish officials in the UofT and in the canadian government supported the fraud of the jewish crook in the university and, one after another, blatantly obstructed justice to save this criminal from jail, there appeared an article in the Australian “The Age” disclosing jewish motivations in preventing prosecution of jewish criminals.

Australian criminal lawyer, Lewenberg, told a jew who was a sex abuse victim that he should not help police to prosecute a sex abuser who was “a fellow Jew”. This was recorded. Lewenberg said:

“I am not exactly delighted that another Yid would assist police against an accused, no matter whatever he is accused of…”
And he explained:
“Because there is a tradition, if not a religious requirement, that you do not assist against Abraham.”

Lewenberg was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Australian Adminstrative Tribunal, his practicing certificate was suspended for 15 months, and he was sent to study legal ethics. From the article: “Judge Jenkins said that Mr Lewenberg’s behaviour in suggesting the Jewish community should close ranks in the face of criminal prosecution was “truly shocking”.

The management of Canada should think about this.

See the article:
Lawyer Alex Lewenberg banned after telling sex abuse victim not to accuse a ‘fellow Yid’ by Tom Cowrie — The Age April 13, 2016.

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