CBC TV continues wondering about fraud in science

Today, I watched the CBC program by Kelly Crowe (it was an improved version of the story of April 19) – http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/bmj-fiona-godlee-science-1.3541769

The first person fighting against “the dark forces at work in science and medicine” presented by Kelly Crowe was Dr. Fiona Godlee, editor of British Medical Journal. Obviously to me, Kelly Crowe has no knowledge of the situation. I had exchange of letters with Fiona Godlee where she tried to block my reference to the University of Toronto fraud documents. Finally, as far as I remember (I have these letters), she only agreed to allow my email address in my posting to BMJ, not the URL of my website where the documents are. Fiona Godlee is a part of the establishment that has no desire to expose fraud in science.

The second fighter for truth in Kelly Crowe presentation was Dr. Ivan Oransky, in whose blog “Retraction Watch” I published numerous comments while he allowed the URL of my site “University Toronto fraud”. Yet, at one point he banned my comment where I showed that human females have no abilities to draw; as a matter of fact, there were only one female painter among 2000 of men in the Dutch school. At this point in time, the truth in science and anywhere else is a function of leftist, openly communistic politics that now is destroying science and the best scientists. A year ago, Oransky showed astonishing political bias in the case of Sir Tim Hunt, the Nobel laureate, who was removed from the University College of London for “sexism”. The “sexism” was alleged to be present in his joke at a conference.

The truth in science certainly has no chance to emerge when perpetrators of fraud are jewish, females or communists, often this political travesty is not even kept secret, and the situation sometimes turns comical. Look at the reaction to my comment from Dr. S. Rivlin at http://ethicsandscience.scientopia.org/2006/04/20/hierarchies-of-misconduct/ He posted two answers to me, one – before he learned that the perpetrators of fraud were jews and the second – after that.

Another example of political accusations purported to negate all documentary proof of Larsen’s and the UofT fraud, is at http://www.reddit.com/r/UofT/comments/2rpqrv/a_chilling_account_of_how_an_uoft_phd_student_had/

I spoke of this earlier here (“The criminals are very angry with my web site”). This was again practically a confession saying: don’t look at the fraud, look at Michael Pyshnov – he is anti-semite.

A long time shall pass, and very probably, even a great war, before the public, now – at its lowest point in centuries, will be able to tell the criminal from the victim and the truth from falsification.


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