Problem: we start seeing things as they are

Last evening on Paikin, the question was about the latest views of the political Left and Right. There are changes and they are not welcome. I think they mentioned the word Populism.

Actually, the new situation is this.

People are slowly discovering that all these Capitalists, Government, Bankers, Zionists, Globalists, Corporations, Elite, Bilderbergers, New World Order, in other words – the political Right, are simply a gang of Communists, that’s it – Communists.

It appears, they are all Marxists, their goal is to take away all means of production from the private hands and kill all private enterprise. People are discovering that their goal is to turn our entire world into one communist nation – THE NATION OF EMPLOYEES. All production is already in the hands of the Corporations which actually are the extensions of the Government and are “managed” by the appointed individuals, not by Capitalists.

On paper, Corporations are owned by the millions of citizens, the shareholders, but in reality they don’t even know where their investments are. People are discovering that the ruling governments are making them into a cattle, with workplace and salary and no alternative and no complaints accepted. Individuals will have land the size of their grandfather’s grave, lest one gets an idea to feed chickens. Government is removing all stores selling raw materials.

It is slowly being discovered that the people they called Activists, are actually the agents of the government with a special task – leading the crowd to fight “Capitalism” (which of course does not exist anymore). It can be remembered that Activists actually promoted the deadly Globalisation with the songs of the Global Village. It can also be remembered how media propaganda was lying to the people about the “greedy capitalist Corporations”, and hiding the fact that Corporations are actually a part of the Marxist scheme depriving the individuals of their rights of ownership and the right to make their own product.

I am sure, Bankers now feel the change (not the one they were preparing) and are working on publishing “The People’s Guide to Populism”, Harbage University Press. Government starts selling marihuana.


Soon after I came to Canada I had some questions about the economic and political order here. It didn’t look to me that the country was truly a “free world”. For instance, in the immigration office, I asked which papers here are on the Right and on the Left. The answer was: “eee..all our papers are truthful”. Then I saw a cover of the “Economist” with “Is there anything private anymore?”

Years later I found a book by Adolf A. Berle “Power Without Property”, 1959, Harcourt, Brace and Co., NY. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the truth, well, at least to know about the first period of the communist subversion. Berle was not a conspiracy theorist, he was the US Secretary of State. His books now are never mentioned. He opposed J.K. Galbraith and his “Affluent Society” which laid the foundation for the destruction of the free economy and the free society in the West. Berle was an economist and a honest man. Galbraith – a demagogue. Galbraith won.

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