Re: “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber”

It’s “viral”. And anonymous. I guess it was written by several people, may be by women, to alleviate the scandalous situation with “gender bias”. It was written by stupid, intellectually inferior writer(s) as there is no actual proof of its multiple arguments. The arguments and the proof for the women lagging behind men in intellectual abilities, however, do exist.

Among the thousands of painters who created the treasures of our civilisation, there were only a couple of second class women painters. The same with the architects, scientists, writers, etc., etc. Were women prevented, as the jewish communists tell us, from creating all these treasures? Certainly, not: these men, the pride of our civilisation, were, for all previous centuries, mostly self-educated! They had interest in all these areas, and they pursued their interests. Even today, after decades of literally forcing women to study, they cannot do what men can. Moreover, it is clear that when the task becomes more complicated, the gap in intellectual abilities is increasing; with the simple tasks, women succeed equally.

While the difference is clear, the causes of it remain obscure, in great part due to the political prohibition on such research. I have some thoughts on these causes.

What is scientific mind? Who are the scientists? A scientist is a person who is able to perceive and has intuition to tell what the Nature is able or not able to do. He, subconsciously, due solely to the his peculiar direction of thinking, finds a correct solution for the problem. How? O, that’s very simple.

He understands the things, the phenomena and the words literally, i. e. he removes associative meanings from the text. He reads slowly, very slowly. A scientist does not memorize anything. His mental job is to find the analogy of the process, or the phenomenon studied, in a graphic representation. He understands that words are a poor approximation to the reality, while the graphic representation, the mechanical picture of the process in his mind’s eye can be built, studied, compared to reality and corrected.

Women do not use this way of thinking, they use words. Words form their memory, their knowledge base and their “scientific”, God forbids, papers. (And that’s why, above, I first mentioned painters, not scientists.)

And, there is another, connected, difference – women have little interest and ability in mechanics. But the Nature operates, at all levels, physics, chemistry, biology, only mechanically. In every process, there is an underlaying mechanical level which of course explains the phenomena of the upper level of organisation of matter.

In fact, the current system of education is reinforcing that inborn difference between men and women. They teach fast reading, use of generic terms rather than the concrete ones. It is teaching fraudulent manipulations with words. It has drowned science in the fraudulent teachings of the jewish “philosopher” Derrida. It makes clear things obscure and “relativistic”.

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