…… but the company is – Goooogle!

After N. Finkelstein was fired, he said he cannot find another job because employers look his name in Google.

You, who were not born in Soviet Russia, may not understand this Soviet joke:
A meeting in a factory.
The chairman invites people to speak: “Comrad Rabinovich, what are your thoughts?”
Rabinovich: “I have a question. Where are butter, sugar…?
Chairman: “Good question. We will work on it.”
Next meeting. Chairman: “Comrad Abramovich, what are your thoughts?”
Abramovich: “I will not ask where are butter and sugar. I am asking where is Rabinovich?”

The Soviet times now came to America. And it’s not even the Stalin’s times, it’s the earlier times of jewish commissars. They, or their reincarnations, survived and are not a bit less serious about abolishing our civilization; they call it Change. Communists never tell you their goals in advance. If you care to read, read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols may be a forgery, or they may be authentic. What is important is that in 1905 the goals of communists were already known.

They now have policies in place, but don’t make a mistake – the policies can turn bloody. It depends on the reaction. Currently, being unable to find job, and being fired on political charges means exactly that, can very well spell the end of your life and, certainly, the end of the purpose of your life.

Now, back to Google. I was wrong in my previous post, was too optimistic, I thought they try to minimize the damage. No. If I had looked at the smile on the face of Danielle Brown, I would be much less optimistic.

Two years ago, three jewish communists (I. Oransky, RetractionWatch; D. Blum, activist; M. Arthur, President and Provost, University College London) made up a completely bogus “case” of “sexism” against the Nobel Laureate, Sir Tim Hunt, biochemist, in University College London, and fired him. He showed no resistance. Interestingly, only the women in his laboratory organised a protest. I added many comments to the “case” discussions. I noted that the now spreading quasi-communist regime in the West demands that an employee surrender all his individuality, views, attitudes, brains and all, to the employer, a condition never demanded in the communist countries, with the exception of China.

The regime now will be show-trying the new victim, apparently, in court, but first – on Twitter, with anonymous indignation. Some minor variations of the Soviet and Hitler’s trials, but basically – the same scenario. The result is predictable: no thrashing Danielle Brown, that’s it, that’s impossible.

Today, so-called intellectuals do not see themselves as the successors of Galileo, Giordano Bruno and all the people who knew that telling the truth was the purpose of their lives. Today, science itself is falsified, destroyed and is stolen by the thieving jewish communists. What is left? The destroyers feed the lies of multiple genders and cosmic travel to the idiots. Who is left? Mutilated bodies and perverted brains, who, and I am not exaggerating here, feel “positive” about it.

Google, by the way, initially appeared as the search engine that did not censor the results, as the older AltaVista used to do. Watch the Google Change now! Well, I am sorry, you won’t be able to watch anything, it won’t let you. In the hands of talented Danielle, Google becomes the instrument of Diversity. Diversity is achieved when people of multiple genders, nations and colors, all have exactly the same brains. There is a good expression for this in Boswell’s memoirs of Doctor Johnson: “One had better be palsied at eighteen…”.

And the last thing I want to write here would be this question: Is there anything in this story that was only staged to establish a precedent of what seems to be an unbelievable case of unopposed communist tyranny in America, the country with long and proud history of freedom and free speech? I will not elaborate. I just have hard time believing my eyes.

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