100 years under communist revolution

100 years ago, a gang of communists took over the government in Russia. In the new government of about 160 people (including Central Party Committee and Cheka), 5% were Russians, over 70% were jews, the rest were other minorities.

This happened in the middle of the First World War. Wilhelm II (who hated jews as well as Russians) first allowed the train with top communist leaders, who were in exile at the time, to pass through Germany to Russia. And he gave these jewish communists a huge amount of money, because he thought that they will destroy Russia and help him win the war. He was stupid: a year after, communists made revolution in Germany.

Communists won by deception. On the German money, they printed, in previously unheard of quantities, a newspaper for the Russian solders saying: “Stop fighting and hurry up home where now the property of landowners will be distributed to the people.” The front collapsed. Solders never got any land, but started the civil war in which 20 millions of Russians were killed.

Tzar, his wife, four daughters and son were shot in a basement room by two or three jewish communists, and the corpses were burned. George V, a cousin of the Tzar Nicholas II, who first promised to rescue the family, refused to do anything, it would be politically incorrect as British bankers hated Russia. The murder of the Tzar and his family was described in a book of R. Wilton, the London Times correspondent in Russia; he then was fired by the Times.

The members of the first communist government and Cheka (translated as Supreme Commission Against Contra-revolution and Antisemitism) continued until about early ’30s, when Stalin took power. This group, headed by Trotzki, ravaged Russia because their ideology required total destruction of all European civilization and Christianity. Communism, they said, cannot be built when “old” culture exists; they wanted the World Revolution. Stalin had to stop them. Trotzki and the survived members of his gang emigrated. They later begged Hitler to attack and destroy Russia.

Trotzkists survived in the West. In the end of the 20-th century they changed their name to Neoconservatives, Neocons. It was them who forced US to start war against Moslems. They hate not just the Western civilisation but the Moslem civilisation as well. They now are killing both.


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