Big, silent Canada. The crime goes on.

I have probably finished writing the story of University of Toronto fraud, for now at least, including the fraud of NSERC:

The documents and facts are there. In the end, here are allusions to the story of Prof. Valery Fabrikant in Concordia University, very similar to my story, except of course that I never wanted to kill anyone. His story became well known only because he did kill. My story remains well known to the officials and the many scientists, but never told in the press. I again now made several attempts to get it into the press, but no, they remain silent: Canada is nothing but a spectacle in a theater with 35 millions seats and one producer.

Actually, the Fabrikant affair was also never told truthfully. Some quotes that I give on that site above raise the questions never answered, not in the press and not in the Arthurs Report (, namely, that Fabrikant shootings were intentionally provoked by the administration. The shootings can hardly be explained otherwise. To me, this seems certain because what is being done to me for 30 years is a sadistic, blatant provocation, repeating every time I try to complain. I got used to it, but the criminal Canada follows what certainly has been a long standing policy: Just provoke him! Make him guilty!

Interestingly, in 1994, one professor from the U of T Scarborough campus wrote a letter in my defence and invited me to talk. He told me that when he called S. Desser, the Head of the Dept., Desser shouted at him that he must stop defending me because I am “a second Fabrikant”. Desser intentionally lied: I never even talked to anybody, never met any official in this university; I wrote polite letters. This was the gang policy: “raising spectre of violence”, as it is called, spreading wild lies and provoking the victim beyond human endurance.

Unexplained, at least for the public, remains the motivation of this criminal gang. Wouldn’t it be easier for the University of Toronto to kick Larsen out and restore the order? What was the motivation of the Concordia University officials, in particular of the Vice Dean Rose Sheinin, in doing two fraudulent investigations of Fabrikant complaints and declaring the crooks and plagiarists in his Department innocent?

Why all canadian press uniformly lied about Fabrikant affair? Why all Canadian press uniformly refused to say a single word about the fraud in the University of Toronto and in the NSERC?

There is one answer to all these questions: The Canadian adminstration of science has been highjacked by a gang of jewish criminals who obtain great financial gains from their monopoly. All is here: tax exempt donations in hundreds of millions dollars, the names of the billionaires engraved on the buildings, the ability to accommodate the families, to appoint their clan to the key positions in academia and elsewhere, spread their influence far and wide, etc., etc.

When I tried to get a lawyer, 51 law firms, including all those with hundreds of lawyers, declared conflict of interest, they all worked for the University of Toronto. Out of 25 law firms specialising in intellectual property, 24 were in conflict, one had no money. A lawyer told me: “If a lawyer takes your case, his children will not be able to find a job in Canada.”

This jewish gang in academia are not jewish scientists, yet, they occupy some eight or nine out of ten key positions in academia, they are lawyers. That of course doesn’t mean that everybody else is free to speak out. There is a fear in the academia, a well founded fear of being thrown out after a single word of protest. This is a ruthless gang.

What about the “independent” press? The press theatre for 35 millions seats is owned by the two, sometimes by three or may be four moguls, depending on the arrangements they make. The jewish influence covers 100% of the editors and the staff at any time.

Who these jewish criminals are? They are torpid provincial crooks, they mostly have nothing to do at all with any science. (One of these Merds, D. Dewees, whose investigation discussed on my site, started questioning me, asking what my “empirical” research was, thinking I never heard the word.) The NSERC was called a “Masonic Lodge” in one of the quotes I give on my web site.

It was a horrible injustice that science and universities became the property of the jewish gang.

On Feb. 5, I again edited
And I referred the readers to this page for the “social aspects” of this fraud. The “social aspects” is about how to stop this jewish gang, and concretely – how to find a mass media outlet to report the documents.

I will continue sending the documents to the press.

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