We live in a socialist country. One government after another was introducing wasteful and corrupt social structures that always needed a budget with deficit that created national debt. It’s only the bankers who need national debt as it gives them enormous permanent profit. Paradoxically, it’s the bankers who need socialism. In the past ages, before the bankers bribed the governments, all welfare was the local responsibility. This welfare worked without waste, bureaucracy and corruption, on humanitarian principles, in both Christian and Moslem countries. No doubt about this – the current “crisis” is produced by the bribed governments.

Man is the best creation of God and God is the best creation of man.


(Alexander Nevski) Russian saying – “God is in truth, not in power.”

2000 years ago Christ said: “Forgive them, Father, because they don’t know what they are doing.” Now, 2000 years later, they all know what they are doing.

Here is the book, “EVENINGS AT THE MICROSCOPE; or, researches among the minuter organs and forms of animal life.” by P.H. Gosse, F.R.S. London. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1874. (first edition, 1859). With 113 hand-drawn illustrations. Then, came the degenerates, atheists, who lied that Christianity was impeding scientific progress. The problem is that there are no such books now. They now teach “systems” and they shift paradigms, therefore, new scientists have no concrete ideas or concrete knowledge whatsoever.
300 years ago, the English poet, A. Pope, probably unwittingly, declared that the proper object of study of mankind is man himself. Thus, probably unwittingly, he put the occupation of jews as an example of proper occupation for all men. That’s exactly what jews were doing for 2000 years: studied the psychology of people, and, by talking to them, were making themselves a living. Never making any product. But, only in our time, it became the occupation of the majority. In the good old times, we studied nature and were making product.

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